Frequently Asked Questions

Why are shipping fees not included when I purchase?

The bottom line is it saves you money! The online shipping calculator determines the shipping fee by size and weight. If you order more than one conductor head, we can nest the conductor heads together in the box. That reduces the size and it costs less to ship. Since each order is different, it requires us to send you an email for the shipping fee. We are all about giving you the best for less.

What is your guarantee?

Our conductor heads are guaranteed for the life-cycle of your building. Unfortunately, our guarantee does not cover damage by fire, lightning, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis, bullets, meteors,  or anything similar.

How do I paint my conductor heads?

For best results ~ Before primer application, conductor heads must be at room temperature or warmer. This product is paintable only when Krylon Fusion for Plastic, Kilz Craftcote or equivalent PRIMER similar to finish color that reads ‘wood, metal, glass, wicker and more’ is applied PRIOR to finish paint. Available at your local automotive or hardware store. Remember to wrap independently for storage or shipping.

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