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Our premiere conductor heads are designed for the 21st century. We manufacture all of our products with the purchaser, installer and end-user foremost in our mind. Our conductor heads are easy to install and provide many, many years of problem free usage and service.

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Thousands of these conductor heads have been sold in the Pacific Northwest and nationally for over 20 years now with customers and vendors remaining fully satisfied and loyal. Since the Pacific Northwest is known as one of the rainiest area of the United States, these products have been repeatedly tested in the best environment possible–the laboratory of real life–and have passed the test of time, stability and long-term usage. Visit our Client Page for a partial list of the many companies that use our conductor heads.

All of our polyethylene products contain no soldered lead or other hazardous materials that can leak into the environment polluting steams, ground water and soil; and our polyethylene products do not rust or corrode with time, ensuring even further environmental protection.

The conductor heads come in a wide variety of shapes. We offer different outlet sizes to accommodate any gutter system. We can ship and produce mass quantities and the storage needed by our clients for hundreds of pieces (of each of the entire line) is compact and minimal.

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